How does god deal with addiction?

He simply wants you to remain persistent in overcoming your sins and to constantly strive toward his eternal love. Learning to control your addiction will require effort and sacrifice. It will require you to admit your flaws and push toward something stronger than yourself. It tells addicts that there is always a way to return to sobriety.

Even when everything seems useless, never give up. Addicts can overcome the temptation to drugs. The old sinful lifestyle must now be replaced by the new life in Christ. This requires the enabling power of the Holy Spirit to replace old habits with new ones.

Avoid companionship with those who influence you to engage in sinful activities. Make a list of the activities and habits you want to change. Set some positive goals for your life and, with God's strength, go after them. Take the initiative and seek advice from a pastor who teaches the gospel or another dedicated Christian worker.

While the Bible warns against addiction, it also offers some hope for those who are dealing with drugs and alcohol. Addiction often has a very detrimental impact on every love relationship in your life, from your parents to your spouse, children, friends, acquaintances, colleagues, and even God. It also fits very well with the 12 steps of addiction recovery because it asks God to step in and save the addict from himself. By inviting God into your life, you can find the strength to deal with addiction and overcome addiction.

In times of need, when you experience cravings or withdrawal symptoms, you can find deep comfort in remembering that you are one of God's beloved children. You will slip and fall, but get up again, pray for forgiveness and ask God to cut off all sources of your drug addiction, if you are addicted to pornography, get rid of the Internet.

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